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Brand for Success

is your complete road map to starting, marketing, and branding a business you’ll love in 6 weeks. Sign up to be notified when the course launches!


Starting your first business can be A LOT. I know.

  • Maybe you’re not sure about exactly what to sell or what you’ll enjoy.

  • Maybe you don’t even know how to package up your offers so your customers actually care.

  • And maybe the thought of marketing and branding yourself seems sooo overwhelming. There’s Facebook, Instagram, and not to mention—a website!

  • And speaking of a website, since your business is new, you can’t spend $5,000+ on a website right now.

Are you feeling stuck like there’s no use in trying? But there is hope for you, my friend.

What if you could have…

  • Clarity, so you’ll know exactly what to offer in your business.

  • An easy-to-follow framework for how to start the business, so it’s actually attainable for you.

  • No more questions about where to start, how to market, or even how to do a website on your own.

  • A solid plan to execute, so you can start your first business in just a few weeks!


  • Control over your life and freedom with another source of income that you can create yourself.

  • The ability to make money doing work you’ll love, while making an impact in the world.

  • Boosted confidence with the reassurance that you CAN do it!


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Brand for Success is your complete roadmap to starting, marketing, and branding a business you’ll love in 6 weeks. In this course, you’ll learn:

1 - How to get clarity on what to offer in your business

2 - How to package and price your offerings properly, so your customers can’t wait to work with you

3 - How to brand professionally and how to choose the right audience to target

4 - How to use social media, email, and content marketing techniques to reach your audience

5 - How to build a website that converts with a website launch strategy

6 - Bonus: You’ll also learn business mindset techniques for success so you can stay focused on your goals with confidence

Plus, you’ll have access to a private Facebook community and bi-weekly mentorship calls with me and other entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses, using this course.

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So who’s behind this course?

This course was created by Website & Brand Designer, Keshia M. White. Keshia started creating a brand online in 2014. She’s worked with many businesses over the years to help them create branding and websites that are designed for their business results.

She started as a blogger in 2014, being featured in InStyle Magazine and Jezebel Magazine. She then transitioned to becoming a Website and Brand Designer and earned a certificate in web design in 2015 and completed Visual Design training at General Assembly to compliment her Sales & Marketing degree from Tuskegee University. She was also a Small Business Consultant at Infusionsoft, one of the leading providers of marketing automation software for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There, she advised business owners every day on marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

Keshia has also worked with Adobe on a website design template for their tool, Adobe XD, she’s been seen in Voyage Atl, 21 Ninety, and she’s been featured on lists of designers to watch. After launching her website and brand design business full time in fall 2018, she was quickly booked fully with clients in less than 2 months, by using her marketing and branding techniques.

After working with new business owners on their websites and branding projects, she discovered that were were many foundational gaps that they had when it came to starting a business successfully. So she was inspired to create this course to serve new business owners to help them launch with confidence and knowledge to get better business results.