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Brand for Success

helps you turn your passions into a profitable online business with a complete road map for branding and marketing your business in 6 weeks to attract more dream clients & buyers.


Starting your first business can be A LOT. I know.

  • You’re probably feeling all over the place with ideas and you’re not quite sure how to put your services out there to just get started.

  • And the more research you do, the more overwhelming marketing and branding yourself seems to be. There’s Facebook, Instagram, algorithms and not to mention—a website!

  • And speaking of a website, since your business is super new, you can’t spend $5,000+ on a website right now and figuring out the tech on your own seems wayyy over your head.

  • You’d love to turn your passions into another source of income (and possibly a full time business some day), but you need help with packaging it up online to get your first clients and buyers.

  • And since you’re juggling a day job and a personal life, you need help that’s straight-to-the-point, so you can stop procrastinating and get your business off the ground, once and for all!

Are you feeling stuck and stagnant, like launching your business is an uphill battle? But there is hope for you, my friend.

What if you could have…

  • Clarity, so you’ll know how to communicate about your offers to attract your dream clients and buyers.

  • An easy-to-follow framework for creating strategic branding and marketing so people will actually want to pay you for what you do.

  • No more questions about how to do a quick, results-focused website on your own (without the tech headaches).

  • An actual plan to follow, so you can stop overwhelm in its tracks and easily launch and market your business in just a few weeks to attract your dream clients and buyers!


  • Control over your life and freedom with another source of income that you can create all on your own with an online business.


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Brand for Success helps you turn your passions into a profitable online business with a complete road map for branding and marketing your business in 6 weeks to attract more dream clients & buyers. In this course, you’ll learn:

1 - How to get clarity on what to offer in your business

2 - How to package your offerings properly, so your ideal clients and buyers can’t wait to work with you

3 - How to brand professionally with a strategy to attract the right clients and buyers

4 - How to use social media, email, and content marketing techniques to reach your audience

5 - How to build a website that converts

6 - Bonus: You’ll also learn business mindset techniques for success, so you can stay focused on your goals with confidence

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Plus, you’ll have bi-weekly mentorship calls with me and other entrepreneurs who are building their brands online, using this course. And the course will be delivered live for 6 weeks, starting July 9.

If you pay in full, you’ll receive the bonuses of a one-on-one brand strategy session with me and a website audit for me to review your website and provide recommendations, once you build it.

 The Course Modules

Module 1: Mastering Your Mindset

If you don’t believe you can actually run an online business, then it’s not going to be possible for you. It all starts with the belief that you CAN do it, so I start the course with mindset work as our foundation.

Module 2: Defining Your Signature Offers

You must have clear signature offers that appeal to your target clients and customers to see success as an online business. When offers are confusing, people won’t take action. So we nail down the offers from start in this module.

Module 3: DIY Brand Strategy & Design

Your branding must be done with a strategy so it supports your business type and appeals to your target clients and customers. In this module, we walk through how to develop your brand strategy and how to choose the right colors, fonts, logo, and icons to support it—without needing to pay for Photoshop!

Module 4: Creating Strategic Website Content

Having a plan for your website is crucial to see results from it. The purpose of a website is to communicate with your target clients and customers to inspire them to take action to buy from you or to work with you. This module will show you how to create website content that does just that.

Module 5: The Quick, Results-Focused Website

In this module, we’ll cover how to build a website without the tech headache (no coding required!). You’ll be guided through tutorials on how to design a Squarespace website and how to create a layout that supports your business and the actions you want website visitors to take.

Module 6: Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

Lastly, we’ll cover starter marketing strategies to help you spread the word about your new website and your business offers, so you can start generating leads for those interested in working with you!

By paying in full, you’ll receive the bonuses of a brand strategy session with me, plus a website audit for me to review and provide recommendations to your website, once it’s built.

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So who’s behind this course?

This course was created by Website & Brand Designer, Keshia M. White. Keshia started creating a brand online in 2014. She’s worked with many businesses over the years to help them create branding and websites that are designed for their business results.

She started as a blogger in 2014, being featured in InStyle Magazine and Jezebel Magazine. She then transitioned to becoming a Website and Brand Designer and earned a certificate in web design in 2015 and completed Visual Design training at General Assembly to compliment her Sales & Marketing degree from Tuskegee University. She was also a Small Business Consultant at Infusionsoft, one of the leading providers of marketing automation software for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There, she advised business owners every day on marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

Keshia has also worked with Adobe on a website design template for their tool, Adobe XD, she’s been seen in Voyage Atl, 21 Ninety, and she’s been featured on lists of designers to watch. After launching her website and brand design business full time in fall 2018, she was quickly booked fully with clients in less than 2 months, by using her marketing and branding techniques.

After working with new business owners on their websites and branding projects, she discovered that there were a few foundational gaps that they had when it came to starting a business successfully and creating a website that actually gets results for them. So she was inspired to create this course to help them launch with confidence and get better business results.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s work together to turn your passions into an online business, so you can start attracting dream clients and buyers!

By paying in full, you’ll receive the bonuses of brand strategy session with me, plus a website audit for me to review and provide recommendations to your website, once it’s built.